A 50 feet long blue whale was washed ashore at midnight of June 2003 on the beach of Revdanda. After a few months, the scattered bones were collected at our wadi and so began a dream…

The host, Mr. Satish Kolvankar, an architect by profession and an ardent nature lover, happened to visit this wadi in year 1980. Lush green nature, cool sea breeze, about 400 gently swaying coconut palms spread over 3 acres of land and the enchanting view of sunset resulted in instant love and the split second decision to buy the place. Both, Satish and Mrs. Sheetal Kolvankar, have literally moved bricks and stones since then to make it their dream place. Over the years, Satish’s keen interest in nature conservation has made this place not just a relaxing getaway but a centre for environmental friendly activities like, organic farming, vermicomposting, biogas plant, etc.

The place enabled Satish and Sheetal to initiate social activities in rural villages. The couple is affiliated to “Shri Ambika Yoga Kutir, Thane”, an organization preaching importance of Yoga free of cost in India and abroad. Satish wanted to bring yoga to villages, where the health awareness, medical facilities and financial means are limited. He, therefore, believed people need to be educated to take care of their health by the medium of Yoga. The couple has been making this thought a reality since 1994 and has helped in changing the lives of thousands. They have involved the locals in their project.

They have also formed the “Sankalp Vidyanidhi trust”, a service to provide scholarship to poor and needy village students.

Satish’s other hobbies include trekking, singing, reading and photography. He regularly treks the Sahyadris and the Himalayas. He has been to Everest Base Camp, Kailas Mansarovar and so on.

He sees Blue Whale eco tourism Centre not just as a weekend getaway but a place for environmental conservation, education and rejuvenation.

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