Chaul-Revdanda is an ancient village along an old Portuguese fort. It played host to one of St. Francis Xavier's first sermons in India. The chapel still exists in a rundown condition within the walled fort. In older days it was post for trade with western countries. To this day, Revdanda is home to one of India's few Jewish communities. It is also believed that the Jew’s were washed ashore here after being shipwrecked way back in 500 BC.The Beth-El Synagogue here is nearly 160 years old. Afanasy Nikitin was the first Russian traveler to India. A monument was raised in his memory.
Chaul-Revdanda has a history of at least 2000 years. It was occupied by the Mughals, Portugese, Marathas and finally captured by the Biritsh.

Being in close proximity of Mumbai, though the area has developed over the period of time, the dense plantation and ancestral culture has been preserved. 
The cultural heritage developed under the prolonged Portuguese influence is still preserved by the Korlai Village.   

The coconut and beetlenut trees surrounding the thatched roof houses make this place special. The plantations of coconut trees are called ‘naralachi baag’ or ‘wadi’ in Marathi language. The place is also famous for a tiny but fragrant flower of ‘Bakuli’ and ‘Champa’. Apart from the plantations of coconut and beetlenut the livelihood of people in this region comes from the production of rice and fishing. Fishing village settlements can be seen up close near the many beaches here. The monsoons are really magical in this region with the lush green, winters are cool and enjoyable and summers are the time to relish mangoes, jackfruits and much more.

Festivals such as Datta Yatra on the eve of Datta Jayanti, the Ganpati procession on the day of Anant Chaturthi  swimming competition held in the Pushkarni  of Rameshwar Temple on 15th August, Navaratra Festival at Mahalaxmi and Shitala devi Temple, the colourful parade of fishing boats during Holi and many more are a must to witness.
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