Love, respect and protect nature is our motto. We run several activities on our farm in order to support this.
Biogas:- An excellent technique to create fuel from kitchen waste. Fuel generated from ½ kg of kitchen waste can be used for cooking for up to 2 hours. In addition to energy conservation, this helps in formation of 2-3 litres of slurry which is extremely beneficial for trees. A functional unit can be seen here. Guidance for the project was obtained from Megasis Award winner Dr. Karve’s ‘Aarti Foundation’.
Vermiculture:- Waste management is an ever growing problem both in rural and urban areas. One simple and effective solution is segregation of dry and wet garbage at source. Dry waste such as paper, plastic, glass, etc can be recycled. Wet waste can be converted into very useful vermicompost with the help of earthworms. The vermicompost thus obtained is completely natural, more effective and safe. It also protects and enhances the natural qualities of the soil. A practical demonstration and guidance about vermicomposting in your home can be obtained here.
Organic Farming:- We are all aware of the harmful effects of chemical fertilizers. They not only degrade the quality of soil over a period of time but are also logged into the agro-products. Thus they find way into our body proving harmful to our health. In addition they also increase the farming costs greatly. Here we demonstrate how the use of organic fertilizers and natural methods can be made to obtain less expensive but high quality agro-products.
Drip-irrigation:- The major area of our farm has drip irrigation system thus helping in water and labour conservation.
We are constantly aiming to adopt new and better methods. We also promote use of eco-friendly products in an effort to create awareness towards environment conservation and protection. A few such things you can see here are “Mittikool” a fridge made of clay which works without electricity, created by Megasis award winner, Mr. Mansukhbahi Prajapati, “Sarai Cooker” created by Institute “Aarti” from Pune which requires very less fuel and preserves food values, multilayer vermicompost unit designed by Satish which is very compact and user friendly, etc
Vrikshamitra Rajabhau Railkar Kaladalan:- Cheul Revdanda is famous for the nature, local art and culture as well as for historical monuments. With a view to have a glance of this specialities and to encourage the local art and craft a permanent art gallery has been made at the centre and it has been named after the great nature lover late Shri.Rajabhau Railkar.
Infrastructure for Workshops:- We promote residential workshops on various subjects such as agriculture, yoga, photography, painting, nature reading, bird watching, pottery making etc., at a special tarrif.
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